Portugal Premium Experience

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21st of April 2023, 15h45 - 18h00

Portugal Premium Experience - Tokyo, organized by AEP, will take place on the 21st of April at The Ritz-Carlton

This mission, part of the Next Challenge Asia project, has as main objective solidify the business relationships between Portugal and Japan.

This event will present two sectorial seminars of the Agrifood and Home & Building Materials sectors, which aims to give Japanese Business Representatives a better understanding of the Portuguese Market and its offers. The seminar will be followed by a cocktail and networking moment to facilitate new business partnerships and stregthen existing ones. 


15h45 - 16h00



16h00 - 16h30

Sectorial Seminars:


Home & Building Materials


16h30 -  17h30

Networking Cocktail


17h30 - 17h45




Portugal Premium Experience - Tokyo, will count with the participation of the representatives of well internationalized Portuguese companies as speakers, who will share their insights and experiences, providing valuable information to attendees and showcasing the strenghts of Portuguese businesses. 

Mr. Vítor Sereno


Mr. Miguel Garcia

Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency - Tokyo; Economic Counsellor

Mrs. Oriana Noronha

Project Manager

Mrs. Vera Lima

Head of Sales, Marketing and Communication

Mr. David Iguaz

Export Manager

Mr. João Pedro Ribeiro

Operations Manager

Mr. Artur Rocha

Internacional Business & Group Expansion Director


Portugal, located in southwestern Europe, in the most western part of the Iberian Peninsula, and with some territories in the Atlantic Ocean - namely the Azores and Madeira archipelagos. It's a country with a diversified economy, with strenghts in industries such as tourism, textiles, agriculture and food products, luxury furniture and building materials. With greater investment in renewable energies and innovation, Portugal is a place for striving tech startups, that has been improving and recovering from the COVID-19 economic recession with significant growth, implementing reforms at reducing bureaucracy and promoting entrepreneurship.


Portugal offers a skilled and educated workforce and a strategic location in Europe, making it an attractive destination for foreign investment. Portugal's top exports include machinery and transport equipment, textiles, and agricultural products such as wine and olive oil.

Japan is an important trading partner for Portugal, with both countries sharing a mutual interest in the automotive industry, cork products, textile fibers, and footwear. Portugal offers a very favorable business environment with a diversified economy and strong export industries, that attract foreign investment and promote innovation that strengthens its relationship with Japan and other global partners.

Business Sectors


The Portuguese agrifood sector is one of the most relevants that accounts for about 10% of the GDP. The sector is diverse and includes industries such as: wine, olive oil, cheese and other dairy, seafood, fruits & vegetables, and meat and other food products.

The sector has undergone modernization and innovation, focusing on sustainable production practices and value-added products.

This sector has been investing in innovation, with the use of technology and data analytics to improve production processes, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. This has enabled the Portuguese Agrifood sector to become more competitive, while also addressing environmental challenges.



The Portuguese Home sector represents for about 4.5% of Portuguese Economy's exports. Portugal's strategic location, strong trade connections and diversified product range facilitate the development of a global market for this sector, with more emphasis to the main export partners in this sector, such as France, Spain and Germany, Angola, United Kingdom, USA and China. This sector has a long history and is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and design, englobing industries of high-end and contract furniture, lighting, textiles, upholstery and decoration.  Many Portuguese brands have expand their influence and are well known in the market for excelling in luxury furniture, often custom or handmade, to supply the most detail oriented projects or the most exigent clients.

building materials & infrastuctures (water & Energy)

The Portuguese sector of Building Materials & Infrastructures is an important contributor to the country's economy, with a strong focus on sustainable and innovative solutions. Ths sector encompasses a variety of industries related to construction, such as cement, ceramics, glass, and steel, among others. This sector has undergone modernization and innovation, with a growing focus on sustainable practices such as the use of renewable energy sources, reducing waste and emissions, and the incorporation of smart technologies in infrastructure development.


The first event of Portugal Premium Experience took place on the 25th and 26th of October 2022, where AEP received about 30 entrepreneurs from Japan, South Corea and China. This entourage promoted by AEP was marked by the dynamism and willingness to internationalize the Portuguese Market, and where the invitees had the opportunity to participate in various sectorial workshops, contact directly with Portuguese products, companies and entrepreneurs. 


On the second day of the event, the Asian Entrepreneurs had the opportunities to visit the installations and fabrics of some of the most renowed and internationalized Portuguese brands located in north Portugal. With the themes "The Potential of the Portuguese Agro-Food Sector" and "The Potential of the Portuguese Home, Building Materials and Infrastructure (Water and Energy) Sectors", companies and sector representatives presented their brands and products, and also had the opportunity to mention the immaterial factors of competitiveness that the Portuguese market offers, namely regarding innovation and sustainability.

"The diversification of markets is essential to increase the competitiveness of our companies, especially at such a sensitive time for the world economy. This project, aimed at Portuguese micro, small and medium-sized companies in the Agro-Food, Home, Infrastructure (Water and Energy), and Construction Materials sectors, has the objective of guiding companies that export or intend to start their expansion into the demanding Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese markets. It is an excellent gateway to a huge market, which has its own particularities and deserves redoubled attention from us in counseling and monitoring of entrepreneurs"

Luis Miguel Ribeiro, President of AEP.


AEP, known as the Portuguese Business Association and Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was founded in 1849 and is the largest business association in Portugal, which has obtained the status of Portugal's Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Its main goal is to aid Portuguese business activity in several sectors and in defending and promoting the interests of the business community.


AEP has also been a prized partner of governments in the discussion of issues related to the development of the Portuguese economy, and has a seat on the European Economic and Social Committee. Its services towards development have been public officially recognized: it is an Honorary Member of the Order of Prince Henry and possesses the Agricultural and Industrial Merit commendation (Industrial Class).

The AEP also plays an important role in fostering economic development and international trade in Portugal. It organizes and participates in various events, such as trade fairs, exhibitions, and business missions, both in Portugal and abroad, developing partnerships with other business organizations and institutions in Portugal and overseas.

The organizing team

For any questions regarding the participation in Portugal Premium Experience - Tokyo, please reach out to the organizing team, or contact us through the contact form below. 

Mrs. Oriana Noronha

Mrs. Ana Pinto

Mrs. Ana Nogueira

Mrs. Patricia Alves


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