Municipal Councils

The promotion of initiatives by city or municipality councils, in conjunction with agents that promote the economic development of regions that support the coaching and internationalisation of companies, has greatly grown.

Recognising the importance of the elaboration and implementation of municipal marketing strategies as a way of enhancing the visibility of cities in international markets, municipalities have been following a policy of proximity to the business networks and with this the availability of different approaches to international markets through the contracting of specialised services.

In this sense, Market Access has been providing municipalities with services such as:

  • Organisation of Institutional and Economic Diplomacy Missions to Foreign Markets
  • Organisation of Trade Missions to Foreign Markets
  • Organisation of Reverse Investor Missions
  • Organisation of Reverse Institutional Missions
  • Organisation of Reverse Trade Missions
  • Coaching in Foreign Investment
  • Elaboration of Municipal Marketing Plans directed towards International Markets
  • Organisation and fostering of technical sessions in the area of internationalisation