Market Studies and Strategic Analysis

In the approach to international markets “Knowledge is power” (scientia potentia est), as stated in the Latin expression frequently attributed to Francis Bacon.

We conduct quantitative and qualitative market research, using primary and secondary sources of information in order to support decision making and the development of sustained internationalization strategies for our customers. In addition to desk research and statistical data analysis, we have an extensive network of consultants in various markets that allows us to collect information from local sources and conduct interviews.

Main services

  • Selection of priority markets
  • Macroeconomic and sectorial market studies
  • Diagnosis and audit for internationalization
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Product testing in international markets
  • Studies of consumption trends
  • Identification and characterization of distribution and sales channels in the markets
  • International marketing plans
  • Strategic and innovation plans
  • Identification of market entry modes
  • Market attractiveness index
  • Strategic plan for entering a market
  • Feasibility and market attractiveness studies