While internationalisation is a priority for most companies, it is also true that addressing one or more foreign markets involves investment and risk-taking.

It is in this context that Market Access has a set of differentiated services for approaching international markets in order to, on the one hand, minimise investment risks and, on the other hand, to find the most appropriate work methodologies to accelerate the processes, reduce fixed structural costs, and maximise the effectiveness of management actions in the markets.
Despite not having a closed portfolio of services – stemming from the constant concern of adjusting their proposals to the reality and expectations of their clients – there is, nevertheless, a set of services that companies request more regularly, such as:

  • Commercial Market Approach
  • Commercial Market Development
  • Support for the participation in International Trade Fairs
  • Market Expansion and Business Consolidation
  • Studies
  • Selection of Priority or Strategic Market Approaches
  • International Marketing Plans (IMP)
  • Technical Coaching Sessions for Internationalisation