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Trends in Japan are unique because brands don’t copy”

Loic Bizel has been working with Market Access since 2006 and his speciality is fashion. He was recently interviewed in Tokyo by FashionUnited – you can read it by clicking here – and we picked some parts of the interview.

“In recent years, we have noticed an increased demand for new concepts, not just fashion but something more global like lifestyle and experiences when buying. There is an obvious evolution. For example, there are more and more cafes and bakeries in clothing boutiques and this has to do with these concepts of mixing different experiences to attract the consumer.

There is a current that is gradually increasing, which is known as “o to o: online to offline”. Many brands are testing taking people from online to offline and vice versa. For example, Zara’s shop in Roppongi Hills (Tokyo) is undergoing repairs, so they installed a pop-up where you can see and touch clothes, but the sale is virtual, so people can see the products offline and buy online. It is a test and we are still at an early stage of what is to come.

In terms of design and trends, the Japanese are very quick to incorporate and adapt to innovation. That is why the trends seen here are unique because brands are not copied from each other as they may be in other places. Large European companies come to Japan to look for “inspiration” but local brands don’t care because they are generally not focused on exports.”

Photo: Loic Bizel

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