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São Tomé and Príncipe: potential to explore

“The opportunities in the country comprise mainly for the better exploitation of natural resources, essentially through a strategic agricultural policy that encourages private investors, both domestic and foreign. In the maritime area, the focus should now be on the fisheries sector, which is underappreciated, given the scarcity of incentives and resources at both the state and private levels. When it comes to tropical fruits, with strong demand in Europe, the country is naturally blessed in abundance and variety.

With an equatorial climate, dense forests and a rich soil, fauna and flora, the country has much to offer in terms of tourism. Proof of this is that the services contribute to 62% of the national GDP and several important international touristic groups are present in the country (…).

All projections indicate that the political-economic situation is improving and, given the potential to be exploited, the country is a great opportunity for business people who are astute and visionary.”

This is a small version of an article from Market Access’s junior consultant Ectivaldo Fernandes for Diário de Aveiro. You can read the full version on the document below.

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