Poland: the attractiveness beyond macroeconomics

“Since gaining its independence and freedom in 1989, Poland became one of the most desirable countries to invest in 2018. It is also the only country from European Union that did not suffer a recession from the 2007-2008 economic downturn. But what attracts investors the most? Is it Poland’s macroeconomic stability or a wide range of investment incentives for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, especially from renewable energy industries, electronics and aerospace?

Poland is a safe haven in terms of economic stability but please, do not take my word for it. Find out by yourself. With a diversity of public transport and a constantly growing road network, you will be able to go anywhere you desire. You can enjoy a humming city life, filled with modern buildings, and at the same time be able to discover its medieval architecture in the old town part of the cities. At your disposal, Poland has sandy beaches, wild forests, captivating and amazing mountains, and its majestic land of lakes – the Masurian district.

Before you go, I do have to have to warn you – be careful, as you may fall in love with Poland’s rich history, cultural heritage and amazing, natural landscape. Not forgetting the world known Polish hospitality and friendliness.”

This is a small version of an article from Market Access’s consultant Magdalena Grzelecka for Diário de Aveiro. You can read the text’s full version on the document below.

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