Morocco: a promising land for Portuguese companies

Specialist in international business development in Morocco, the consultant Sarah Mouak shares her experience in supporting business development in the Moroccan market.

Get to know the opinion of Sarah Mouak, International Business Consultant – Morocco at Market Access, in the article that was published in the Economy supplement of the Diário de Aveiro, available below.

Morocco: a promising land for Portuguese companies

Exporting to Morocco is usually an option that many companies overlook when they think of entering a new market. However, taking into account the stability of the country and its strategic geographical location, we may be talking about a great missed opportunity.

As a Moroccan, if I had to describe my country in a few words, I would emphasize, above all other aspects, that it is a land full of magnificent contrasts, which makes you fall in love with the variety of its colourful landscapes, the richness of its culture and the hospitality of its people.

Although if I talk about business, I would describe it as a very open market to foreign trade full of promising opportunities. Thanks to its position as a crossroads between Africa and Europe and the development strategies of its ports, transportation, and industrial infrastructure, Morocco represents a key asset to any Portuguese company wishing to expand internationally.

Morocco’s development possibilities are multiple and Portuguese companies should take advantage of it. The country has adopted several measures by implementation of a series of ambitious sectoral reforms by modernizing traditional sectors, such as agriculture, fishing and mining, and by developing innovative industries like renewable energies, automotive and aerospace industries. All these sectors undergo strong development today and create needs that sometimes the local market cannot offer.

In addition to this, it is important to highlight that only 14 kilometres separate us from Europe, an insignificant distance that offers great opportunities in a market with more than 36 million consumers. This asset led Morocco to becoming one of the key markets par excellence for Portuguese companies with an international vocation, whether to approach the African continent or to make the leap to the countries of the MENA region.

In conclusion, despite our geographical proximity and many years of history in common with Portugal, the cultural distance between both countries remains large. Understanding how Moroccans think, act and do business is undoubtedly important if you want to have success. To that end, if you plan on doing business in the Moroccan market, you should consider the cultural nuances. Above all, your first investment should be focused mainly on “time”, building trustful relationships and appointing a local representative. With the combination of these three key ingredients, Insha’Allah (if God wills), your opportunity will be surely out there, in the promising business landscape which is Morocco.

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