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Germany: a country of opportunities?

“Germany is often the first choice for many foreign companies to set up a representative office or a subsidiary to enter the European market.

The key to a successful and sustainable entry into the German market is a very well defined marketing strategy. Generally, this means starting with an in-depth market analysis, in order to gain an understanding of the local business environment, as well as the competitors and potential customers.

In addition, there are some other considerations to take into account: the German buyer is quite demanding and takes some time to be loyal because of its caution.

Before betting on the Teutonic market, analyze it. With persistence, dedication, professionalism and, above all, the correct preparation, invest in the German market. If they like your business model, it’s a guaranteed success.”

This is just a small version of an article from Market Access’s project manager Ângela Bessa for Diário de Aveiro. You can read the full version on the document below.

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