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The first Portuguese Mold Industry mission to Iran

This mission had two main objectives: to obtain better market knowledge while at the same time introducing the Portuguese Mold Industry, on the one hand, and to identify and explore concrete market business opportunities, stated Telmo Fernandes, the managing Partner of the Consulting firm, Market Access, who was in charge of preparing this mission.

The thirteen Portuguese Enterprises that participated in the mission were convinced that “Iran is undoubtedly a market worth investing in”. According to Telmo Fernandes, “Iran represents a considerable potential, in mid & long term, as an alternative export destination for Portuguese Industry”.

This delegation made up of representatives from A. Silva Godinho, Geco, LN Moldes, Moldes RP, Moldit, Moldoplástico, Mold world, Moliporex, Ribermold, SET, Socem and Tecmolde e Topo. They visited over 20 plastics injection local companies, manufacturing products for the Auto Industry, Packaging, Pharmaceutical Industry and other sectors.
Telmo Fernandes explained that the Portuguese companies discovered, there is potential concrete market opportunities since the Portuguese enterprises are well positioned in many sectors to present solutions corresponding to the needs od Iranian market, mainly by contributing to improving the efficiency of the local production.

During this mission, meetings with some prominent Iranian Companies such as Iran Khodro and Saipa Groups, were of particular interest since these two sub-holdings are responsible for manufacturing of around one million cars (in 2008), an increase of 10% compared to the previous year. It is worth noting that this sector (the Auto Industry) is the second most important industrial activity of the country, immediately after the Petrochemical Industry.

In terms of Institutional visits, the Portuguese delegation met with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Iran, a meeting in which a representative of the Ministry of the Commerce of Islamic Republic of Iran also attended.

The Portuguese entrepreneurs were very well received and established a very warm and cordial mutual relationship with their Iranian counterparts.

Market Access, thanks to its local presence, was responsible for identifying the contacts required, organising both business and institutional meetings for this mission.

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