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Textiles António Salgado seeks to extend its presence in Germany

This mission was prepared along with Market Access, who created an agenda in advance. Regarding this preparatory process, a representative from António Salgado mentions that this step was crucial to the success of the event: “the preparation of the trip was well-executed, as well as the scheduling of the meetings” – he notes.

The meetings took place in Dortmund and in Munich, between November 22 and 23. Regarding this activity carried out in the territory of Bavaria, our partner stresses that “usually these are time-consuming steps from which we see the outputs some time after”.

António Salgado was founded in 1998 with a strong and familiar character. It brings together the logic of tradition, linked to its origins, with an element of modernity, launching the company on the road to growth. It is committed to sustainability, modernity and innovation in its processes.

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