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Teleworking: we are more connected than ever!

Dear customer,

Following the Covid-19 worldwide containment measures, Market Access is responsibly developing its activities in teleworking.

With a network of more than 50 countries, teleworking is part of our daily lives! In fact, on a daily basis, we develop projects and contact companies and organizations around the world, by phone, email and via digital platforms. Our projects run normally. We replace face-to-face team meetings with virtual meetings in order to ensure the proper management and execution of your project.

We face this situation as a challenge and an opportunity for us and for you. It is a time for reflection, planning and preparation to minimize the negative effects of the pandemic and return to normal. We remain fully available to communicate with you via videoconference and to actively contribute to the success of your international business.

We call on you to comply with the preventive measures recommended by the World Health Organization and to act with caution! Promote everyone’s safety, well-being and health!

Stay safe!

From Market Access’s team

market access teletrabalho

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