Market Access supported the ecological rehabilitation of the Leça River

As part of the commemoration of Market Access‘s 17th anniversary, we joined Corredor do Rio Leça for an environmental responsibility innitiative. The Market Access team had the opportunity to contribute to the reforestation and cleaning of Leça River, in Leça do Balio. It was an afternoon where we were able to breathe fresh air, enjoy the nature surrounding the Leça River and discover its biodiversity.

🏞️ The Corredor do Rio Leça, Association of Municipalities, is an inter-municipal association composed by the Municipalities of Santo Tirso, Valongo, Maia and Matosinhos, whose main goal is the recovery of the Leça River, in terms of its depollution, ecological rehabilitation with the involvement of citizens. The initiative had the direct support of the Centro de Recuperação Paisagística do Vale do Leça (CRPVL) which supported and provided the plants that will accelerate the biodiversity regeneration.

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