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Six Entrepreneurs Chase Business Opportunities in Mozambique

Mozambique is considered a success story amongst the new emerging African economies and has been playing an ever increasing role in Southern Africa. 

Over the past years, Mozambique´s economy has been performing impressively and robustly, with GDP growth of over 7.5% per year, making it one of the fastest growing GPD in the world. Abundant natural resources, such as gas and coal reserves, are helping to attract investments from the biggest multinational companies, friving the economy forwards. 

Upon the initiative of an industry association, a multi-sector group trade mission visited the country recently. Market Access has prepared an agenda for each of the companies. Almost 100 bilateral business meetings were organised in total for the six companies which took part in this event. Several industry sectors were represented in this mission: construction and engineering services, renewable energy, building materials, acclimatisation equipment, food retailing and auto parts and accessories. 

Market Access has been organising several trade visits to Mozambique over the last 4 years. Market Access has a permanent representative based in Maputo, the country’s capital city.

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