Market Access

RCOe reaches the Russian market with Market Access

To this end, RCOe has been working with Market Access in order to establish contact with potential clients in that country, considered as strategic targets to expand RCOe’s horizons. Market Access’s Russian consultant is working in the field along with our client, approaching and establishing contacts which could be fruitful for RCOe.

According to RCOe’s Ricardo Castro, working with Market Access represents “an important help because of its in-depth knowledge of the Russian market”, particularly in the identification of contacts and in the approach and dialogue with potential clients.

Ricardo Castro recognizes that the Russian market presents some difficulties for a company which is exploring new territories and business opportunities, and stresses that in this regard, Market Access’s role has been paramount, highlighting such qualities as “comprehensive capacity for understanding, interpretation and perception”. In a sentence, RCOe’s spokesperson summarises that the support of Market Access has been “important and professional, and without it we would hardly have got where we are today”.

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