PortugalFoods starts Baltic Countries Forum with Bidfood Importer

Baltic Countries Forum (Fórum Países Bálticos) by PortugalFoods will begin this month. The forum consists of virtual meetings with companies from Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Markets. These virtual missions’ main goal is to promote the Portuguese agri-food sector and to boost the companies’ business of those who will participate.

The first edition will be promoted with the importer Bidfood, from Lithuania. Bidfood is one of the biggest distributors in the Lithuanian market, which supplies various food and non-food products to different costumers in the food service sector. The company belongs to Bidcorp Group, one of the biggest food supply companies in the world.

Market Access has been supporting PortugalFoods in identifying and attracting importers from the agri-food sector in the Baltic markets (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) with the aim of holding virtual meetings between buyers and Portuguese companies.

If you are interested in joining this B2B event, register until the 16th of October, through the PortugalFoods website.

This action is financed by COMPETE2020, Lisboa2020, Portugal2020 and by the European Union, trough the European Regional Development Fund.


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