Première Vision Paris Market Access

Portugal in focus at Première Vision

The Portuguese textile and fashion industries were presented to visitors of Première Vision Paris through a specific showcase of products Made in Portugal. Paris, the capital of fashion, is where the six major industries supplying materials and services to the global fashion industry come together, twice a year.

According to the organization, the forum was “a true mirror of the excellent competitiveness highlighted on the virtuous convergence of creativity, flexibility, quick response, high technological level and sustainability in a context of high environmental and social responsibility”. Portugal is “the champion of textile and clothing supply”, according to the Secretary of State for the Internationalization, and is currently acknowledged as a partner that not only offers high-quality products but is also able to respond very quickly.

A few of Market Access’s clients were at the event in Paris earlier this week, where the country is seen as a “competent, competitive and stable local partner”. The ability to respond quickly, the diversified know-how and the high technological level are the key reasons for Portugal’s positioning within the industry.

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