Poland? Yes, it’s possible!

There is no denying that businesses all over the world have been impacted one way or another by the unpredicted effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Last year, undoubtedly was one of the most challenging years anyone wished to face, with its effects seen in all aspects of our economic, social and political systems. One may wonder if now is the right time to keep on going, expand and promote its products or services to the outside markets…. Certainly, it will not be easy but with the right tools, preparation and support it is achievable. Therefore, full steam ahead. Your destination?  A country located in the heart and the 9th largest of continental Europe – Poland.

Its mesmerizing and an impressive natural beauty, rich history and delicious food can easily make one fall in love and distract from its main goal –an export destination

Poland not only has a huge domestic market of over 38 million consumers, it also has a strategic location at the crossroads of European trade and transport routes. Due to its borders with Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Belarus, Slovakia, Lithuania and Russia it is creating a perfect gateway to other Eastern Europe markets. Poland’s road network is being constantly upgraded, English is spoken more frequently but most importantly its well-diversified, strong and dynamic economy, are just a few of the signs of a good target market for your exports. 

It is important to take into account and understand not only the geographical, demographical and economic factors of our target market but also its key players, trends, competitive situation – analyze the competitors, by not overestimating the local ones that may not be as known due to their lack of international presence. Understand their products, prices and sales structures. 

There is one more factor, that should always have been taken into consideration but is frequently forgotten, omitted or not valued enough – the culture. It is a foundation for understanding one’s behavior and decisions. Polish people are hard-working, approachable and honest. Still have a hierarchical mindset and punctuality is highly valued as a sign of respect. Poles are friendly, open and with very good hosting skills, as the old saying goes: “Guest in house, God in house!” Ensure you provide clear and detailed information and when possible maintain eye contact. 

Just remember “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” (Carl Gustav Jung).

“Powodzenia!” (good luck) but please do not say “thank you,” as according to an old Polish superstition, it may bring bad luck.


Magdalena Grzelecka
International Business Consultant – Poland | Market Access

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