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Poland – the country of exciting opportunities

If there was a contest for the most “eventful history” Poland would probably get a medal. The nation has spent centuries of their existence grappling with war and invasion. But those experiences did not suppress Pole`s strong sense of nationhood, cultural identity, entrepreneurship and openness to other nations, cultures and business.

When in 1989 Poland started to restore democracy a number of reforms opened the Polish economy for private investments and rapid development. The next milestone offering new opportunities for Poland`s growth occurred in 2004 when the country joined EU. EU membership supported the increase of Polish trade which is one of the main stimulant of economic growth and the main reason due to which Poland has managed to avoid the serious consequences of the global financial crisis. This trade is the main driving force of positive trends and economic indicators Polish.

According to the Banco de Portugal data the Portuguese investment in Poland in 2015 amounted to EUR 1.2 billion (in 2014. amounted to 1.9 billion euro). Poland is in 14th place as the location of the Portuguese direct investment in world, our country remains the most important Portuguese market of foreign investment in Central and Eastern Europe and the 5th in Europe. Both exports and imports are growing double digits – respectively 20 and 10 percent.

It should be emphasized that the role of the Portuguese capital in the Polish economy is significant especially in sectors such as: trade and distribution, renewable energy, banking or infrastructure construction. In general, the Portuguese capital has so far been invested in sectors such as trade and services, real estate and property development, the energy sector (especially renewable energy), construction, business consulting and legal services, industry sectors: financial, food industry, computer science, hospitality, textile and clothing industry, environmental protection and medical industry.

The best known and recognizable for Polish citizens are: Jerónimo Martins, Banco Comercial Português, EDP Renováveis, Mota-Engil, Martifer i Eurocash.

The growth in private consumption society, increasing demand for high quality, freshness, uniqueness and ecology creates opportunities both for the development of sales to Poland durable goods as well as agricultural and food products. Thanks to the increasing grid flights – Portugal is for Poles more and more popular tourist destination but Portuguese are also very welcome in our bustling centres like Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań or Gdańsk and very divers other parts of the country – lakes, mountains, castles, picturesque market squares, historical churches and other places.

If you think about increasing your external business or if you think about starting new business adventure abroad Poland should be your choice for very serious consideration.

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