PME Connect II – Business Summit and Activation Labs about The Americas

In a few weeks, a pioneering project will bring together SMEs and business groups with a strong international presence, with the aim of creating synergies and strengthening their international presence through strategic partnerships.

The PME Connect project begins with the Activation Labs The Americas, on February 7th, consisting of sessions for sharing best practices and activating synergies between Hard Internationalized Groups (GFI) and participating SMEs. Pragmatic and evolutionary sessions, in workshop format, promoting, in parallel, the establishment of contact and networking between SMEs and GFI and, on the other hand, the empowerment of participating companies based on the GFI’s international experience.

On February 15th the Business Across Borders Summit – The Americas (BAB) kicks off. Designed to build and promote international business connections, BAB Summit – The Americas gathers key-players from Portugal, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Chile.  Through an online platform, business representatives will have the opportunity to experience dynamic discussions, create powerful connections and expand their international business relations. Participation in the BAB Summit is free, but the networking moments between Portuguese SMEs and international players are restricted to Portuguese SMEs that are participating at the project. To join the project, contact us!

In April and May Business Missions to the markets will take place. The actions consist of business meetings that promote the
establishment of commercial relationships and consolidate the commercial approach developed throughout the project.

The project also includes Market Guides which consist of a market study on strategically relevant targets in the context of internationalization, including characterization of the target market according to a demographic, economic and commercial profile, identification of macroeconomic trends, diagnosis of the business environment and regional comparative analysis.


February 7th – Activation Labs The Americas and Market Guides

February 15th  – Business Across Borders Summit Portugal – The Americas: Virtual networking, workshops and roundtables

February 28th  – Activation Labs Afro-Eurasia (Africa, Europe and Asia) e Market Guides

March 16th – Business Across Borders Summit Portugal – Afro-Eurasia: Virtual networking, workshops and roundtables

April – Business Mission the Americas

May – Business Mission Afro-Eurasia

PME CONNECT II, promoted by AIP (Portuguese Industrial Association) and supported by Market Access and Deloitte aims to create and develop strategic partnerships between SMEs and hard internationalized Portuguese groups, namely Mota Engil, EDP, Tekever, Pestana Group and SONAE.

Through the development of these partnerships, PME CONNECT II mentors the SMEs to create new strategic alliances, digital tools, and creates connections between several players of the international business ecosystem.

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