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Mozambique continues to attract international attention

According to press, this new natural gas discovery in Mozambique “offshore” increases the potential for exploitation by 10 billion cubic feet of additional previously estimated the total consortium led by Eni for exploration of the prospectus Mamba North East. This is the fifth successfully drilled area. 

In addition to the natural gas reserves Mozambique has other abundant natural resources. Some of them are hydropower, coal, minerals and more than 2,500 km of coastline. 

The country is one of the most promising among the new emerging African economies and has been given an increasingly important role in the Southern Africa context. Over the past few years, the Mozambican economy has shown a robustness worthy of highlighting with the maintenance of high rates of economic growth. Mozambique has been growing at an average of 7.5% per year – one of the fastest global rates. 

The significant investment by large multinationals has allowed the engine to accelerate growth in recent years,opening the doors of the market for SMEs in different sectors. 

Market Access with a permanent presence in Maputo organized various business trips to Mozambique for direct contact with potential customers, distributors, business partners and also with leading authorities of the country in the last five years.

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