MinhoExport Session – the future of Internationalization begins here

The Session “MinhoExport – the future of internationalization begins here” promoted by TecMinho happened yesterday, at University of Minho’s Library B-Lounge, in Guimarães.

This session, open to all companies that plan on going international or that intend on pursuing new external markets, included the release of “The exporter’s manual of good practices” and the “International Marketing Plan”, available online to all companies that want to work on international markets.

The results achieved next to Ave’s region companies during the Minho Export companies, as well as the main tools developed were presented by Manuela Neves (TecMinho). Filipe Silva (Business Unit Manager at Market Access) contextualized the internationalization consultancy work developed next to the 15 companies and the challenges for the future. César Silva (WireMaze SA) presented the MinhoExport platform and the Digital Marketing Opportunities were addressed by José Fernandes (BloomIdea)

The session ended with the delivery of Diagnostics and Action Plans to the companies that participated on the Internationalization Mentoring, phase presented by Pedro Lopes and João Sardo (International Business Consultants at Market Access).

Congratulations to all companies that were part of the MinhoExport project!

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