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Market Access will internationalize British SMEs

Taking advantage of its international know-how, Market Access will settle in the UK to help British SMEs creating and enhancing their internationalisation process towards: Brazil, China, Russia and Mozambique, where Market Access is already present. As the seventh largest world economy, the UK appears a fertile region in terms of investment with approximately one million, six hundred thousand SMEs, numerous entrepreneurs and local authorities engaged in the promotion of export solutions. 

In May, Market Access, completed seven years of activity in this field, and the company continues to grow in international markets, this time with the inauguration of a new office in the UK with an active permanent representative. 

European averages shows that only a quarter of SMEs in the UK are active in exports. Market Access believes that the services would be welcomed to enhance international development, particularly for SMEs looking to make inroads in Brazil, Russia, China, Mozambique and Turkey. 

The use of support from specialists can increase the efficiency of the internationalisation process in terms of time, budget and inspiring results. In the last two years alone, Market Access has successfully assisted thirty companies in their cross-border expansion. 

Market Access now has thirty representatives around the world, with 150 clients from various market segments. 

Such a diversity of markets, industries and projects makes Market Access a truly global expert and partner for any business.

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