Market Access and University of Minho promote course on business communication with Asia

Providing students with critical and communication skills to deal with the transaction of cultural products between Portugal and Asian countries is the objective of the advanced course in “Culture and Business Communication between Portugal and Asia“. The training, promoted by the University of Minho (Aliança de Pós-Graduação) and Market Access, aims to develop skills to overcome cultural diversities in business and organizational contexts, focusing on China and Japan.

The participation of Market Access in this course ensures the course meets the real needs of the labor market today. “The Asian market holds numerous opportunities for Portuguese companies. Internationalization to markets such as China and Japan implies a well-defined long-term strategy that pays special attention to the cultural specificities of the markets“, highlights Rui Sousa, CEO of Market Access.

The course is coordinated by the School of Arts, Letters and Human Sciences of UMinho and will take place in a B-learning regime. Applications end March 21st and can be made on the Aliança de Pós-Graduação website.

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