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Market Access joins the Future of ModaPortugal

CENIT – Textile Intelligence Center and ANIVEC – National Association of Garment and Confection Industries presented the Futures.ModaPortugal initiative at Moda Lisboa. The aim behind the project is to provoke the fashion industry’s agents, leading them to think outside the box. Chain Reaction and Market Access are energizing this initiative.

With the slogan Provoke Think Create, Futures.ModaPortugal brought together in Moda Lisboa different representatives of the fashion industry, entrepreneurs, and journalists to “identify the areas of strategic innovation with greater potential for development, by anticipating the main transformations that the fashion industry will suffer in the next few years”, explained Manuel Lopes Teixeira, CENIT’s CEO, to Portugal Têxtil.

Speaking to the same portal, Manuel Lopes Teixeira also clarified the genesis of the project: “We believe that this is a debate that is worth opening to more people outside this very professional circuit and therefore we decided, with our partner Market Access, to discuss how we can think outside the box, think of things that normally these more professional circuits do not allow.”

Photo: Tendências Online

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