Market Access is supporting startups from Qatar at Web Summit 2018.

For the next few days Market Access will be supporting a set of startups from Qatar on presenting their value proposals at the best technology and entrepreneurship conference in Europe.

Founded in 2010 by Paddy Cosgrave and its cofounders Daire Hickey e David Kelly, the Web Summit is an incredible opportunity to take a close look and listen to the new technology trends and to discuss the construction of a collective future on the digital era.

According to official data, there will be around 1.000 speakers, 25 conferences, 70.000 visitors from 170 countries and at least 20.000 companies from around the world trying to see and be seen. Recently it has been announced that the event will remain in Lisbon until 2018.
If you are interested feel free to come up and have a chat with our team.

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