Market Access speaks on innovation ideas at INOV-E – Entrepreneurship Week in Torres Vedras

From March 18 to 24, INOV-E – Entrepreneurship week will be held in Torres Vedras, with sessions aimed at entrepreneurs, investors, the business community and the education sector.

Juliana Teixeira, Manager of Market Access‘ Innovation Unit, will present the talk “After the Idea – Innovation and Market Trends”, as part of the “I Want to Create! – Talks for Entrepreneurs” segment, on March 20th. Our lecture will be accompanied by various other talks and conferences scheduled between 14:30 and 17:00.

Market Access has established a collaborative protocol with Torres Inov-e and EcoCampus to bolster the international outreach of startups incubated within these innovative ecosystems.

INOV-E – Entrepreneurship week aims to explore a wide range of business concepts, promoting the convergence of diverse ideas and charting a solid path for future generations.

For more information, check the official page.

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