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Market Access in Brazil

Market Access has been increasing its customer base in Brazil and is strengthening its presence in the South American market. In the last two weeks, several meetings were held in the state of São Paulo, which is the heart of the Brazilian economy and where the company has its base in the country.

Afonso Antunes, a Market Access’ partner in Brazil, is sure that this is the right time to give another boost to the activity in the market: “Brazilian companies are more sensitized to growth through export and investment abroad. Market Access, having already been working in several markets with Brazilian companies, understands well its vision and is the right partner for this endeavor.”

Meanwhile, economists at the IPEA (Institute for Applied Economic Research) – which projected GDP growth in March to reach 3% in 2018 – also point to a 1.9% growth for the first quarter, compared to the same period in 2017, driven by a 3.4% increase in household consumption, 4.3% in aggregate investment, and by advancements in industry (2.6%) and services (2.4%).

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