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Market Access gets settled in Persian Gulf

Recognising their limitations towards other natural resources rather than oil, Gulf countries felt the necessity to structure a diversified economic system that would allow to relief organisations from mandatory obligations, which they are still subjected to in traditional markets. 

Stable politic environment, business transparency, juristic safety, free zones strengthening and non-existence of state taxes make Gulf one of the healthiest economies on the planet. Furthermore, those important factors put emphasis on a state strategy lead by public and private projects with big dimensions, in cluster-based logic prepared and outlined to attract foreign investment. 

Additionally, strategic geographic positioning of significant Asian and African markets, modern infrastructures, secure and business friendly environment, solid and enviable economic situation, growth dynamics and consumers high purchasing power makes Persian Gulf one of the most surefire options in a short/medium term for Portuguese investment and business trade. 

Dubai, where 70% of Gulf trade flows has available incentives and sophisticate logistics and is the preferred hub for international companies to explore the opportunities in the Arabian peninsula. Meanwhile some operations are also settled in the neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, as well as North Africa, Iran, India and Paquistan. 

In reaction to organisations necessity to expand to these growing geographies, Market Access widens its international network to Persian Gulf through the permanent presence of our local expert, Sunil Belani. The local office has the capability to provide business contacts within these markets, offering assistance to organisations that want their international sales to be a faster process.

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