Market Access fosters young entrepreneurship at AIP’s 2023 Summer Workshops

The 4th edition of the Portuguese Industrial Association’s Summer Workshops was supported by Market Access in order to foster the entrepreneurial skills and capacity for initiative of the young participants.

This innovative action consisted of supporting young people aged 8 to 14 in developing skills such as creativity, autonomy, cooperation, and critical thinking, through a wide range of activities in the most diverse areas of the business sector.

As part of our policy of social responsibility, promoting entrepreneurship and young innovation, on July 21st, Rui Sousa, Market Access CEO, spoke to the young participants in order to share knowledge, values, and the entrepreneurial spirit that is the basis for creating and developing businesses.

The Portuguese Industrial Association concluded the 2023 edition with great success and all the young people who took part were able to develop new skills and acquire new concepts.

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