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Market Access develops new partnership with a deaf citizens’ integration project

In recent times, CTILG has stood out for its development of tools to facilitate communication to deaf individuals. This company was created seventeen years ago, beginning with translation services and developing support materials for sign language.

Now, its “Hands To Discover” project has launched an online platform that will help the deaf community in decision-making for travel planning. Through this platform, one can book hotels and visits or collect pieces of information about interesting spots in Portugal.

This platform, which can be accessed at, took place at the Salon de l’Immobilier et du Tourisme Portugais in the French capital. At this event, meetings with tourism sector representatives took place to introduce the details about this project.

Moreover, the tourism sector will be the principal target market in this presentation phase. Inclusive tourism represents an important asset to the Portuguese economy. These advantages can be multiplied in the future and other sectors of the economy can be approached.

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