ScaleUp Summit Market Access

Market Access Brazil invited to the ScaleUp Summit

Entrepreneurs and executives met in São Paulo on September 17th, where stories were shared and the best practices of business management were discussed. In addition to the lectures of companies such as MRV, Amaro, Rappi or Vtex, mentoring sessions were held in different areas such as sales, marketing, finance and people, coordinated by specialists with practical knowledge from companies such as Banco Santander or Farfetch.

Entrepreneurship is in Brazil’s DNA and internationalization is already a current reality, or very close to it, for most of the companies that attended the event. Market Access had the opportunity to talk to different stakeholders, who reinforced the idea that internationalization is at the top of their agenda.

Brazil is one of the strategic markets for Market Access, which already has in its portfolio different partnerships and successful projects with Brazilian clients in the approach to international markets. The expectation is of a significant growth for the coming years.

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