Market Access

LactAçores seeks to expand its business operations in the Middle East

Gulfood is one of the world’s largest annual food and beverage exhibitions, to be held in Dubai from February 26th to March 2nd. At this time, special effort will be made to highlight Azorean cheeses with protected designation of origin, such as S. Jorge Cheese.

This company in the food sector, with twelve years of experience, brings together three cooperatives in the dairy sector and has focused on expanding its distribution network and diversifying its markets internationally.

Market Access will begin a series of activities with LactAçores, which could allow the company to position itself throughout the Persian Gulf. This business mission, which will take place during Gulfood 2017, has the primary objectives of making contact with some of the main players of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar and of establishing partnerships that may allow LactAçores products to be introduced into that region.

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