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Kazakhstan, a discreet market (for now)

Kazakhstan is a country that doesn’t appear so much in the media, that doesn’t attract as much attention of the public as some of its neighbors, but from my point of view it deserves a closer look by some companies seeking new markets to internationalize. 

Kazakhstan is getting ready to hold a major Global exhibition – EXPO 2017 in Astana ( There is an area of around 170 hectares that will be used for the event and currently there is a heavy construction taking place. 

Kazakhstan is an interesting market with its specifics, different mentality and particular way of negotiations. Let’s not forget that this country was under control by several different tribes, countries, empires and republics. People, business and development of the country was influenced by those nations and we can’t deduct it when we are thinking of doing business there or investing in this market. 

I’ve been following this country for quite some time and now I can say that this is a good potential for internationalization of industrial producers, construction companies and service suppliers. 

When you think of trying this market, I would suggest to learn about the history of Kazakhstan. It was influenced by Russia, Arab countries and Asia. This mixture of tendencies in Kazakh business negotiations left a significant mark on the negotiations style. One will need a lot of patience to get a partnership there, but it will be rewarding in the end. The translation of the word “Kazakh” (The nationality in Kazakhstan) from ancient Turkish is “free and independent nomad”. Business negotiations in Kazakhstan is a long process where Kazakhs are checking the reliability of the counterpart and evaluating the potential of doing business with them. They are interested in long-term relationships with their partners, therefore get ready for a long-run. 

There is a lot to take into consideration when going to Kazakhstan, but there are no easy markets. Therefore, Kazakhstan is definitely worth paying attention to within the next several years. 

Olesya Leschuk, Consultant Market Access – Russia and Russian speaking countries

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