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Jersey manufactures in Germany

The purpose of this business mission was to increase Portuguese exports and establish direct contacts with leading brands and retailers in the German market. 

Appointments with well-known fashion brands were arranged. During their visit to the market, the manufacturers were asked for samples and quotations for new projects. Therefore Portuguese entrepreneurs are optimistic about the prospect of gaining new clients in such a competitive and demanding country as Germany. Meetings were held at the premises of German brands and contacts were established with purchasing managers and chief designers. Once again, pre-arranged meetings and a professional match-making process between the supply side and demand requests proved to be a cost-effective way of developing new business contacts in the global market. 

German consumption of knitted outerwear accounted for almost 20% of total EU consumption. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the biggest consumer market in Europe. It also remains the largest importer of woven outerwear with an average annual growth of 2% in imports over the last decade. 

As with the trade mission to the US, the organisation and scheduling of business meetings in Germany was prepared and arranged by Market Access, which also provided a member of its staff accompanying the trade delegation.

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