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Imperial prepares the expansion to Russia and the Middle East

The positive result was built on the increase in sales in key markets such as Czech Republic, Ukraine, Angola, South Africa, Venezuela and Italy. 

The CEO of Imperial, Manuela Tavares de Sousa, explains that “the business expansion to other geographic markets was a strategic business area of growth and contributed to exceeding the company´s targets”. Today Imperial products are available in more than 30 countries. 

But Imperial does not plan to stop there. Manuela Tavares de Sousa revealed that the company have plans to launch Imperial brands in Russia and the Middle East. The expansion strategy into these new markets will be based on agreements with the local distributors and placing Imperial products in major retail chains. 

The national market accounts for 80% of Imperial sales operations
Imperial – very popular through the chocolates brand Regina – initiated expanding their business in Ukraine in 2010, by being present in more than 300 stores in the distribution chain, together with 60 stores in the capital, Kiev. The company´s presence in the Czech Republic was established in 2009. The financial year 2010 ended with a turnover of more than €20m. The good results were mainly the outcome of the performance of brands in the domestic market, worth 80% of the company turnover and rising by 11% in the last year. 

The company from the RAR group has strengthened its presence in the strategic supply chains and increased its activity at points of sale, affording their brands greater visibility and product rotation. The launch of six new products is planned for the last quarter of the year together with the Christmas campaign. 
Elisabete Soares, Económico

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