Identisoft is looking for partners in the health sector in Kenya

Identisoft, a company specialized in the development of software for the healthcare sector, relied on Market Access to develop its internationalization strategy for Kenya.

The commercial approach to the Kenyan market was developed in an integrated way, starting with the development of a macroeconomic market study that focused on the analysis of the health sector in Kenya, a benchmarking study and the analysis of barriers to the entry and regulation of the sector. “The Market Access team in Kenya and Portugal was always present, closely following all milestones of the project”, states Miguel Ribeiro, Identisoft’s Manager. “It is worth mentioning the substantial knowledge that was communicated to us about the market and about the sector and its operators, which is of greater importance in culturally and geographically distant markets, in which it is difficult to access updated, reliable and quality information”, adds the head of the company.

The project’s second phase consisted of the design and commercial approach to the Kenyan market, based on the information collected during the study phase. After defining the way to enter the market, as well as the typology of priority contacts to be addressed, Market Access proceeded to identify and contact potential market partners, with the goal of presenting Identisoft solutions and scheduling business meetings. For Miguel Ribeiro, “this period of crisis brings evident constraints regarding the prioritization/reorganization of the companies’ strategy, so the support of Market Access proved to be fundamental to being able to meet with our potential customers and partners.

Although the constraints inherent to the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow local contact between Identisoft and potential partners in Kenya, the feedback from the virtual meetings was very positive. “The topic of clinical software is on the agenda, so the timing of the approach was very good. The local interlocutors with whom we met showed interest in finding out about our solutions and second rounds of talks are alrmaeady underway to deepen the topics covered”, says the head of Identisoft.

With over 15 years of activity, Identisoft is an innovative company in the development and integration of technological solutions for process management and information sharing in the medical field.

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