Finnish companies see decarbonization opportunities in the Portuguese industry

Business Finland – Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel, and investment promotion is sponsoring an entrepreneurial event to connect companies from Finland with the Portuguese market.

The business promotion program, promoted by Business Finland, is designed for Finnish companies from the decarbonization sector seeking to enter the Portuguese market. Market Access is supporting the development of the B2B meetings, by providing consultancy services to identify, qualify, and foster business relations between the Finnish offer and the Portuguese demand.

In 2022, Market Access was also supporting Business Finland, promoting an entrepreneurial event in Lisbon on November 15th. During the event, Business Finland presented five of the country’s largest and most innovative companies in the Cleantech sector, with various solutions including wastewater treatment (containing soluble metals), technology for industrial cleaning, waste management, energy storage, biofuels and waste refining solutions, and solutions for F-gases. This was the first step for some business relations between the Finnish companies and Portuguese entrepreneurs who were seeking solutions for decarbonization and reduction of their company’s environmental footprint.

Between September 15th and December 15th, Finnish companies will meet virtually with Portuguese target companies to offer their innovative solutions for decarbonization.

Additional information can be found on the official Business Finland page.

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