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Famalicão discusses opportunities for the food and drink sector 2020

Famalicão Municipal Council is promoting, with the support of ADRAVE – Regional Development Agency, a conference about the incentives of the EU program Portugal 2020 for the food and drink industry. 

Having been invited by ADRAVE, Pedro Vieira will be one of the speakers at the conference entitled “Food and Drink 2020 – opportunities, trends and financing”, which will take place at 15:30, in the lecture entitled “International Business: Traditional Markets VS. Emerging Markets”. 

The conference will bring together business owners in the area and public and private sector managers and will take place in the Centro de Estudos Camilianos, Seide S. Miguel, Famalicão. Entrance is free of charge, but participants must register on the official website for the Famalicão Made In program. Those interested can also see the full conference schedule on the ADRAVE website.

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