ESX Testimonial: International Growth with Market Access

ESX is a Brazilian company, that specializes in software development and professional outsourcing. In a strategic move to enhance its business and broaden its client base, ESX engaged with Market Access to support its internationalization strategy.

Market Access defined and implemented an integrated strategy to promote ESX growth to several European countries, such as benchmarking and mystery shopper analysis, leads identification and qualification, and the development of several international marketing strategies to attract leads. ‌

“We are delighted to share our testimonial about the services of Market Access.

Just like any beginning or adjustment into a new culture, there are feelings of insecurity, uncertainty, as well as hope for new plans, goals, and bold expectations. We met Market Access at the beginning of this journey and they have been the best companions.

The most recognised attributes identified by our ESX team were; commitment, expertise, knowledge of the business, organisation and, of course, friendliness and courtesy.

We are big fans of your work. We wish you much success and prosperity. “

Evelyn Profili, International Sales Manager ESX

ESX is among several companies that rely on our market and sector expertise. Are you looking to expand to new markets? Contact us and get to know how we can help your company!

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