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Education rhymes with internationalisation (in Portugal)

The Expresso newspaper has emphasised the growing importance of internationalisation for Higher Education institutions. According to this media outlet, the market for university students studying abroad is expected to double over the next decade.

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In Portugal, the number of foreign university students has increased significantly, and it is estimated that this country will receive more and more investment coming from students from European markets and from the CPLP [Portuguese Speaking Countries].

As a result of the growing trend of businesses (and of the university sector) to export, Charles Cormack has visited Portugal recently. In his capacity as a representative of the company Cormack Consultancy, and a specialist in internationalising education institutions, Mr Cormack met with representatives of the universities of Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Leiria.

This agenda is part of a partnership that was established between Market Access and Cormack Consultancy Group, in 2015, to improve the expansion of solutions concerning globalisation to clients with an internationalisation strategy.

Cormack Consultancy Group was founded in 2000 to help companies from the UK to approach European markets. Today, CCG is established in several countries with more than 50 offices, some of them resulting from the partnership with Market Access.

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