Strategic alliances between Euroregion SMEs

Under the scope of the ECICII PLUS project, twenty companies from Ourense and the Euroregion from the agri-food sector participated in a distance-learning workshop via videoconference organized by CEO – Confederación Empresarial de Ourense, with importers from Singapore, Poland and the United States.

Its main goal was to begin the creation of a strategic alliance between Euroregion SME companies that together can offer a more competitive offer to importers from Singapore, Poland and the United States’ markets. The initiative, called “Create & Connect“, was organized by CEO, ECICII PLUS partner, and counted on the support from Market Access.

The first session of the program was held by Juliana Teixeira, International Business Consultant at Market Access, responsible for explaining the agenda, while Flávio Ferreira, also an international business consultant at Market Access, presented the speakers and international importers.

Read more about the project here and watch the two videos of Flávio’s and Juliana’s interviews:

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