Business Across Borders – Afro-Eurásia

On March 16th, Portuguese SMEs, large business groups, international speakers, and numerous entrepreneurs from Africa, Europe, and Asia (namely Morocco, Tunisia, Angola, South Africa, United Kingdom, Spain, France, China, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates) will gather at a Summit that will include market workshops, round tables, panel discussions, and networking moments.

Taking place on an online platform, the Business Across Borders (BAB) Summit – Afro-Eurasia, promoted under the PME Connect II project, aims to foster the exchange of practical knowledge about entering the markets and create links between entrepreneurs and participating entities. Through an online platform, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to participate virtually in workshops, roundtables and expand their international network. Register for the BAB Summit for free!

Participation in the BAB Summit is free of charge, being the networking moments between Portuguese SMEs and international players restricted to Portuguese SMEs that are members of the project. To join the project, contact us!

Program (GMT)

09h00 – 09h10 Opening (AIP-Associação Industrial Portuguesa e Market Access)

09h10 – 09h20 Market Workshop – Asia

09h20 – 10h20 Round table – Asia

10h20 – 10h30 Market Workshop – Europe

10h30 – 11h30 Round table – Europe

11h30 – 11h40 Market Workshop – Africa

11h40 – 12h40 Round table – Africa

12h40 – 13h00 Encerramento

13h00 – Networking*

*Networking will be available until March 31st.

PME CONNECT II project, promoted by AIP (Portuguese Industrial Association) and supported by Market Access and Deloitte aims to create and develop strategic partnerships between SMEs and hard internationalized Portuguese groups, namely Mota Engil, EDP, Tekever, Pestana Group and SONAE. Through the development of these partnerships, PME CONNECT II capacitates the SMEs to create new strategic alliances, digital tools, and creates connections between several players of the international business ecosystem.

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