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Brexit: an opportunity for European education institutions

Charles Cormack, founder and chairman of Cormack Consultancy Group (CCG), has been sharing some enlightening thoughts on the European education market for the post-Brexit era. Besides the expected increasing number of students, European universities can also see the “potential squeeze on research funding for UK universities post-Brexit as an opportunity to encourage collaboration between their institutes and leading UK research-intensive universities”.

While it is not clear what the new paradigm will be, it looks like attitudes are changing, bringing new opportunities for the European institutes: “In the UK, universities are becoming a little less arrogant in the way they interact with potential European partners as they understand Brexit brings a subtle shift to the dynamics of the relationship”. At the same time, “European universities understand this shift and many are actively looking at taking advantage of it by forming potentially profitable relationships with UK partners”.

CCG is a specialist international business development consultancy. Currently, its focus is on education, in particular universities from the UK wanting to internationalize and find partners abroad. Through a strategic partnership, CCG and Market Access have been working together on export promotion and international business services.

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