Beira Douro seeks commercial partners in French-speaking markets inside Europe

Beira Douro – a Portuguese company specialized in coffee roasting – has trusted Market Access to set and develop its internationalization strategy for the French-speaking markets across Europe: France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg.


With beginning in September 2020, the work carried out by Market Access aimed at expanding Beira Douro‘s products to these different markets, by prospecting potential clients, qualifying commercial leads, setting B2B meetings and always with the overall goal of closing new deals. The internationalization project of Beira Douro will continue over the next months and the main purpose is to sign new commercial partnerships with distributors/importers of medium-size stores and the HORECA channel.


According to Ana Monteiro, sales manager at Beira Douro, “we invested in this partnership due to Market Access’s background and the mutual trust felt since the start. The proximity, dedication, and ease of communication is such that we view Market Access as an extension of our own company, but with the added value of gaining a strong network of contacts which opens up the possibility of finding new partners at an international level. A young team, yet professionally mature.


Founded in 1960 at Vila Nova de Gaia, Beira Douro is specialized in the production and trading of capsule coffee and coffee beans. To deliver the best quality possible, there is a careful selection of the raw material used and Beira Douro gathers coffees from all 4 corners of the world: India (Asia); Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda (Africa); Honduras, Colombia, and El Salvador (America); and finally Brazil (America).


Market Access offers tailor-made services to approach international markets. Contact us to find out more!

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