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An international trainee’s testimonial

Jolanta Broka worked with us for 9 months. Her internship came to an end at the beginning of November. In a casual talk, she revealed her final thoughts.
If you had to describe your time with us in one word, what would it be and why? JB: FRIENDSHIP. From the first day, I felt welcomed, people were nice to me. The attitude that people in Market Access live with is pleasant and motivating. Also, during my stay here I made nice friends that I am going to miss. 

What would you say to someone who’s interested in starting their professional career at Market Access? JB: FYI means For Your Information! But seriously – go for it and don’t be scared! Don’t be scared to ask whatever you don’t know and be yourself. There is no better way of being a useful tool for a company and find a way how to improve your personal growth as free and truthful communication. Also, get ready to bring a cake on your first day. 

What did you like most about your job? And what would you change about it?JB: From work content I loved participating in research activities such as studies, because I am from those who want to have a continuous learning process in life. When you google and try to find one thing, in the process you actually read and learn much more. For example, I am a complete dummy in everything related to the sports industry in the world and in Market Access I had the opportunity to write 20 pages about sports in different countries. Now I feel like an expert!  If I could change one thing in MA, I would find a way how to renew weekly “Office Workout”. I loved it! It was fun, healthy and after that, I felt more energetic to work. 

It’s your last day of the internship, you step outside the MA office and find a lottery ticket and end up winning 10.000€ – what would you do? JB: Come back and invite everyone for bowling, drinks and pizza to celebrate more my last day in Portugal with everyone. 

Any additional comments? It’s now or never! Thank you for receiving me so well and making this year so special in my life. Being in Portugal and Market Access helped me develop professionally and changed my view of the world. I’ve learned so much from your experience, advice, and guidance. My time spent in this team has been such a valuable part of my career journey. I know I’ll carry the things I’ve learned here with me to my next adventure, and I’ll always look back on this experience with a lot of fondness. I wish you MORE – work more, wish more, ask more, expect more, so you could have the most beautiful and successful life possible. It was a great opportunity to be with you! P.S. If you ever visit Latvia, feel free to contact me! I am a good guide.

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