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Alfândega do Porto welcomed MODtissimo

MODtissimo is the only existing exhibition of fabrics and accessories, Portuguese garment makers, textiles for tomorrow and Portuguese tanneries. The event, organized by Selectiva Moda, received national and international visitors, who had the opportunity to interact with exhibitors from the textile and clothing industry. According to data from the organization, the event has received more than 6 thousand visitors and the number of foreign buyers has increased by about 30%.

The stand of our client Marjomotex stood out from the rest and was widely frequented by international brands, as they were the only producers of denim and specialized in the production of jeans. The main markets in contact with the stand were Spain, England, France, Netherlands, Germany, United States, Japan and Switzerland. In the case of 4teams, the stand had several interesting visits, both from foreigners and from national buyers. The international ones came mainly from Spain, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Colombia, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland.

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