AIMMAP: 9 companies take part in virtual mission to France

AIMMAP – Portuguese Association of Metal Companies, Mechanical Engineering Companies and Alike – is promoting a virtual group mission to the French market taking place in March. Market Access supports this international initiative providing such services as: research of key players in the market, planning virtual missions, matchmaking, scheduling of meetings and empowering the participating companies.

This international research initiative will involve the participation of nine companies from the metalworking sector, specifically: Felino – Fundição e Construções Mecânicas, S.A., BRAMP-Metais e Polímeros de Braga, Lda, Extrusal S.A., Sopais – Componentes Metálicos Lda, Inoxcom Lda, Fernando Ferro Irmão Lda, Metalúrgica Falcão e Filhos Lda, SteelVer Lda, Metalúrgica Fonseca & Flora Lda.

Aside from researching for importers, distributers and buyers in the French market, Market Access is responsible for matchmaking and scheduling virtual meetings between Portuguese companies and French key players. Moreover, last week the Portuguese companies attended an online empowerment session aiming to prepare them for the virtual meetings. Promoted by consultant Ana Pinto, the webinar addressed such subjects as: speech in meetings as well as customizing and setting up communication materials for the digital scenario.

Founded in 1957, AIMMAP‘s goal is to represent, both internally and externally, the Portuguese metalworking companies, making them more dynamic and promoting them.

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