AEP Promotes Virtual Missions to the Balkan and Nordic Markets

Market Access is collaborating with AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal in its virtual business mission in the Balkans and Nordic countries. This virtual mission, which is focused in prospecting potential partners and B2B meetings scheduling, has as the main goal to promote the following sectors: agri-food and beverages, civil construction, industry and services in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. AEP’s goal is to create for portuguese small and medium companies opportunities to export goods and services.

Market Access is supporting AEP with the identification of potential business partners and distribution networks, promotion and B2B meetings scheduling with companies, institutions, buyers, distributors and potential consumers in their target markets.

Both missions were developed within the scope of PORTUGAL 2020 and COMPETE 2020. Balkans’ virtual mission started on September 21st and will end on the 25th of 2020. The Nordics countries’ mission will only occur during the next month of October, between the 12th and the 16th. During this period of time, each company may participate in several meetings, all of them through the new digital formats.

For more information about the Balkan’s virtual mission and Nordic’s virtual mission, please contact AEP.

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