Next Challenge Asia: AEP strengthens internationalization to Japan, South Korea and China

Promoting the image of Portugal and strengthen the internationalization of SMEs in the Agro-Food, Home, Building Materials and Infrastructure (Water and Energy) sectors in the markets of Japan, South Korea and China is the goal of the project promoted by AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal. Market Access supports AEP in the implementation of various activities included in the project Next Challenge Asia. 

The Next Challenge Asia runs until June 2023 and aims to strengthen internationalization through market diversification, identifying opportunities and constraints in accessing markets with potential, disseminating tools to enable SMEs to increase exports and improve Portugal’s image. 

The Next Challenge Asia includes activities for the prospection and knowledge of international markets and players, the development of digital tools for business intelligence, knowledge & strategy, as well as a digital guide. Market research and seminars to present results are also among the actions to be carried out under the project, which also provides for the organization of a “Portugal Premium Events” Forum for opinion makers and three promotional events in the target markets, complemented by a national and international campaign.

Market Access will support AEP in the development of prospection activities and knowledge of markets and international players, in the capacity building program and in the development of the “Portugal Premium Events” Forum and promotional events in the markets. 

The Next Challenge Asia project is co-financed by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Regional Development Fund, under the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program.

For more information, please visit the project website:

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